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SANA Events

Farm-To-Table Summer 2019

Our Farm-To-Table Summer 2019 will start on Saturday, May 18, 2019.

Time: 10am to 12 noon

Place: 5421 W. Monroe

           Chicago, IL. 60644

On this day we will build planter beds and plant vegetables! Also we will provide a schedule of activities for the summer!

Farm-to-Table Summer 2018

April 4, 2018: 

January to March 2018: Police & Community Accountability Project

Police & Community Accountability Brief Report

April 2017 – March 2018


Since April of 2017 SANA and its members have been working on a project that we believe will improve the quality of life in the South Austin community. The idea emerged from examining the problems that plague South Austin and our belief in how South Austin “Should Be”.

              You cannot move the world “As it is”, unless you think about where you want to go.

We first examined the problems that affect education, health, safety, civic engagement, economic development, youth, and community image both externally and internal. However, problems are very general and can be difficult to address. Because “problems” is a very general term and does not show the details of what is the cause.

              If you stay at the level of a problem, you won’t be able to get to a solution.

So, through further examination and discussions, we as a group broke the “problems” down into “issues” or a set of “issues” and came to the realization that safety is the most important factor and prime issue in all aspects.

Because without addressing safety first; economic development, education, community imaging, youth, civic involvement and health will not improve.

As a group we were also aware that without relational power, which is our ability to leverage our relationships with family, friends, neighbors, organizations, politicians and police working together to take on this “issue” Safety, to be blunt, would fail miserably. To solve any issue in any community, it must be a team effort not a “silo effort”. And currently we are working to develop that relational power with several identified groups.

We also looked at data in our community, such as District 15 weekly Comstat reports and studied various reports, such as the DOJ report on Chicago Police and President Obama’s Task Force reports to name a few. We also looked as City of Chicago ordinances and state laws. Including ordinances and laws on safety in other states. All of this information is being currently compiled to help in the issue of safety and how to address the issue of safety for the betterment of the community as a whole.

In March 2018 we invited COPA, Civilian Office of Police Accountability to speak to our members about what their responsibilities are in relation to the police department. We also had a representative form the Inspector Generals office.

In summary of what and where SANA and its members are:

·        Compiling information and data

·        Developing relational associations i.e. “team effort”


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